If you’ve ever played at a online casino, you will have noticed all the different bonuses. It starts with a sign-up bonus and runs all the way through to the top notch VIP bonuses for the loyal players. Online casinos seem to hand out more freebies daily, which in turn makes your stake to win big so much higher. The latest revolution in the online casino industry is the re-spin feature.


Slots are the most played game in the industry but players sometimes feel a lack in betting variety. You decide your betting option and that’s it, the machine does the rest. The outcome is unpredictable and there is nothing you can do about it. Well, that has changed. The re-spin option is available on most slot games and it gives you the opportunity to spin one, a few or all reels again after your initial spin.

Just imagine you get identical symbols on the first three and fifth reels but a different symbol on the fourth. It must be the most frustrating feeling ever. Re-spins give you the option to spin a specific reel again which in this scenario will be the fourth reel. It’s a dream come true for slot players across the globe.


Yes, some online casinos offer free re-spins as a bonus. On top of this you can sometimes get free re-spins on your free spins bonus and that is insane. You can also use your credit, so if it is not a bonus offer you will still be able to better your chances of getting a massive pay-out. Below each re-spin reel, you will see a re-spin button that displays a number. This is the cost of the re-spin of that reel. The higher the potential pay-out, the higher the cost of the re-spin.

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